Thursday, February 11, 2010

Babies of the world

I found this trailer over at Make and Takes blog, and once I watched it I'm super eager for it to come out (to be released in April 2010). I can't think of a better first post on my new blog than one that showcases babies around the world...we can see that even though we're culturally different they are still babies!

More info on the movie can be found here.


Ranae said...

looks super interesting!
(this is a test comment)

Jemajo said...

I have a definite soft spot for babies and would have loved to have seen this.
Has the video been taken down or is the link not active?
Congratulations with your new home - I can guess that you are pretty busy with moving in :D

Ranae said...

the movie link is active, here it is:

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