Saturday, April 3, 2010

A move not to be repeated

Last summer when we decided to put our house up for sale and look for something outside of the city, I didn't really know what to expect. Well, our house sold rather quickly and we began looking for another one, but finding one in our price range with all the requirements was difficult -- especially finding a home that could incorporate a large sewing studio as well as leaving plenty of room for our family! Finally, after a very thorough search we were able to find a two story that had a completely finished basement that could accommodate the sewing room, as well as a bonus room for the kids (upstairs) and 4 bedrooms & 3.5 was perfect! We made the offer, competed with two other offers and got our new house for a little more than the asking price. Then came the hard part -- the move! Our sewing room at the old house was small but very packed -- mom and I had a LOT of stuff in there, as well as in storage. Finally we were able to get moved and settled into the new place only to realize some painting needed to be done and our sewing studio would need some better planning & organizing this time around. It took us until December to actually have the sewing room set up like we wanted it, and another couple months in 2010 to get set up enough to actually sew something in our new studio -- but it was worth the wait! It is such a cheerful room that has plenty of space, with a whole room for fabric and a separate office and bathroom -- it is such a blessing to be able to work in such a wonderful space! I plan on taking some photos soon and give you a peak -- as soon as a curtain is hung I will do that. But for now I want to share with you a picture of the old house and the new house:



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